Me Again Lord


It’s me again Lord. Please help. There’s a heavy weight upon my shoulders. Trusting in Your word’s promise that You will carry all my troubles. I place my trust in You now. My family, my career, my love, I hand them all to You my Father, for your daughter it’s become too much. It’s a lot to carry now, provide me strength so I don’t fail. Lead me to that place of purpose, that I may walk underneath love’s veil.  Fill me with a peace like I’ve never known before, equip me that I may stand strong to endure the storm. You anoint us before all battles because that’s the kind of God You are. Help me to remember, when faced with troubled times, You have already bared all scars. I know greatness only comes from You and all Your mighty power! Protect me while I walk this earth, until that great and holy hour. When from the heavens You will shine, so bright and pure and true; and every creature, man and beast, will have to bow to You. No tongue will cease to confess, Your majesty so true. Lord, help them see salvation’s truth that all may come to You. I will not stress about that which I can’t control. For trusting in You means I only have to surrender my all, then sit back and watch Your show. Slow my spirit Lord. That I may see beauty in all my days. Slow me down when it’s the little things you want me to embrace, and make me courageous to stand against bigger trials I must face. Just like David slayed Goliath, I too will have victory over my own giants. Standing brave in your presence, while doing it all in Your name’s essence. Some may call me crazy, think I’ve lost my mind. Let’s show them Your power, use me that Your love may shine.