Voice of My God


There are days I sleep in.  Other days, my Lord wakes me so we can talk. These are the most precious moments for me. I hear His soft voice like a whisper in my ear, “Arise my child.”
My times with Him usually happen in the early morning hours. My God is with me always, but it’s the early sunrises that we have our most intimate conversations. When all is peaceful and still, He comes.
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Give It To God


It’s all in my head. That’s what I tell myself when things start to take a turn towards disaster. The devil is always trying to come in and rob me of my joy. It must be all the happiness that I like to keep as company. It makes Satan angry. I sometimes wonder what the devil thinks when he looks at me. This person that he’s tried so hard to destroy. He threw everything in his book at me. Heartache, theft, depression, struggle, sin, guilt; you name it, I’ve experienced it. Yet I remain happy as a child each morning that I open my eyes. Blessed with another day God has granted me that I may bring joy to someone. There was a time when the devil had me at my ropes end, ready to just give it all up. Still here I am, standing strong, standing tall, in God’s love! Continue reading