There Is No Flaw In You


She stood in front of the full body mirror with her hands on her hips. Turning side to side, she couldn’t decide if her style choice was a hit or a miss. Looking past her figure, she spotted him coming up behind her. He wrapped his arms about her waist, and pulls her in close.

“Come see us tonight, darling,” he said, in his smooth husky voice, “Does your ever busy schedule allow you time for your husband this evening?”

“I always have time for you my love, maybe I’ll get the girls together and we’ll stop by,” she answers, feeling a tinge of excitement beginning to form.

“I’d really like it if you did,” he says, nibbling on her ear. He started to blow on her neck in that slow way he knew she loved.

Still in his embrace, she turns to plant a kiss on his lips, then slips out of his hold. She knows if she continues on this close to him, they may both be late to their appointments this morning. As she’s walking away, she turns around to get one last glance of her handsome husband.

“I truly do love you” she says, and disappears around the corner.

Watching her walk out of the bedroom brought a tingling sensation to the pit of his stomach. He’d been married to his lovely wife for two years now, and every day was just as beautiful as when they first married. He had the feeling that every day with this woman would bring pure joy.

Night came, and she strolled into the dark lounge with her girlfriends following in tow. She’d been waiting all day for evening to arrive. The hostess led them to a round table near the front side of the stage. She doesn’t always come to her husband’s shows. She feels this is who he is, and she wants to get to know him slowly. If she could learn one new thing about him each day for the rest of her life, then she will have lived a blessed life.

Tonight was different. Tonight she wanted to be near him.

The bright lights lit up the room, and he took his place at center stage. Tonight the love of his life would be here to watch him perform. The simple thought of knowing she would be watching, made him excited. He would put on the best show for her. He’d already decided that he was going to perform as if it were for her only.

The band began to play. She sat there taking in the scene before her. To the left of the stage was a tall handsome fellow playing an electric guitar, wearing a simple t-shirt with blue jeans. Behind him was the drummer, who was just out of her view. To the right of the stage, was another guitar player with a wooden guitar. Then there was a bass player, wearing sunglasses, and aimlessly wandering about the stage. They were an interesting group.

She had eyes for only one. Standing In the middle of the stage, there stood the man who held her heart captive. With a tambourine in one hand, he was dancing and singing, and lighting up the room with his presence. God if he only knew how lovely he was. She had a lifetime to show him. She loved him beyond the word. If there was another word that meant more than love, that’s what she felt for him. It was just that simple.

Lost in her thoughts of him, she didn’t realize the glare of the lights until they were shining down on her. She turns to see her husband walking towards her.

Addressing the crowd, he says, “I want to introduce everyone to my wonderful wife. We’ve been married for two years. Love, can you come join me here on stage please.”

“Oh no, he is not taking me on stage!” she says frantically to her girlfriend. In a nervous panic she whispers, “I am not going up there!”

He can see her cheeks blushing under the hot lights. He knew bringing her on stage would cause a slight panic in her. She wasn’t one who liked to be in the spotlight. He felt her beauty should be shared with all the world. Besides, in a loving teasing way, he got pleasure from seeing her squirm. The way her eyes sparkle when she gets embarrassed, it was one of his favorite things about her. God he loved this woman.

Not wanting to slow down the show, she figured she should join her husband on stage. She’ll kill him later. It was suddenly dawning on her why she doesn’t come to every one of his shows. She’s not the front stage center type of person. She prefers to let him have all the attention. She likes to sit back and enjoy her view, of him.

She met him on stage and he slid his arm around her, pulling her in close. She could feel her knees growing weak, but he held her up with his strength. His presence still did this to her. Lord they were so good together.

“My wife everyone, isn’t she beautiful,” he says to the crowd, and plants a kiss on her lips.

The crowd cheered!

“We’re still newlyweds guys, the good stages, just two years into our marriage,” he says with a chuckle.

Grabbing the microphone from her partner’s hand, she turns to him and says,“God promised ALL stages to be good, dear husband.” Flashing her bright smile she turned to the crowd and said, “Can I get an Amen!”

A huge Amen rose from the crowd, while everyone cheered and whistled!

“Enough about us, let’s get back to the show,” she says. She turns and kisses her husband once more, just because she can. Before walking away, she leans over and whispers in his ear, “Just wait until we get home!”

He watches as his sexy wife walks off stage. Every curve moved just for him. The way she walked, the way she looked, everything about her, was pure radiance. God made her for him. She was his. He was thinking of what she just whispered into his ear, and she couldn’t be more right. He wished they were home this very moment. Oh, the things he would do to her if they were.

Suddenly he noticed he was still staring at her, and she was already seated back at her table. She was giving him that silent look that meant, get back to work. He chuckled. He loved when they could communicate across the room with just one look. He smiled at her and went back to entertaining the crowd.

The night ended, and the club was clearing out. She had already said her good-byes to her girlfriends, and was waiting for her husband to take her home. This was the part of the night that she liked best. After she shared him with the whole world, and everyone was able to get their fill of him, when all the smoked cleared out, she could now have him all for herself.

They drove home in silence. Silent moments spent with him were as wonderful as the busy ones. Every moment was worth it. She was tired from a night of fun with her girlfriends, he from a long night of entertaining and putting on a show for his wife. They drove up the long drive-way that leads to their home. He shuts off the car’s engine, and closes his eyes. He leans his head back onto the headrest, and tilts his seat as far back as it could go.

“We made it,” he sighs.

Sitting across him in the passenger seat, she’d been staring at him the entire drive home. She leans over to plant a kiss on his cheek, then she whispers into his ear, “Hey, let’s not go inside just yet.” searching his heavenly eyes for an answer.

Her words spark his curiosity, and suddenly he wasn’t so tired anymore. “Why not my Love?” he asks. Before he could open his eyes, her body is on top of him straddling his lap. She never fails to surprise him.

Leaning in close, she reminds him, “Remember when we use to pull into the drive-way and could never keep our hands off each other. The minute you turned off the engine, we’d be all over one another. We seldom made it out of the car.” With a hopeful look, she surveys his face for his reaction. She could see his devilish smile beginning to form. It was her cue that he was game.

Softly she kisses his neck, and could feel his whole body beginning to lose control. She loves when she makes him feel this way. She plants another kiss along his collar-bone, then slowly brushes her tongue lightly across his chin, until she meets his lips. She could feel him giving in, feel his body begin to relax. She leans in closer to him, and whispers in his ear, “I want you so bad, I can’t wait, I need you now.”

Those very words start a fire within him that he can no longer contain. She only has to say the words, and he would obey her every command. His hands get lost in her hair, as he pulls her mouth down into his fiery kiss. Her lips taste like honey, and he wants more. He can feel her hands on his chest, her fingers feel like silk all over his body. Her touch alone sends shivers up his spine, as he continues to devour her with his lips.

Lost in his passion, he thought he would faint when he felt her hands around him. Touching him in ways no other ever could. This was his pleasure, she was his passion. Straddling him, she took him in. Each time she felt she would die from pure pleasure. The way he felt inside her was like nothing she’d ever felt in life. He was her husband, and he knew how to make her feel his love.

Resting her head on his chest, she knew their marriage was made in heaven. She could feel herself drifting off into a world of love’s aftermath. The last thought to run through her mind before she was lost to the night was the one verse in the bible that always reminds her of him: You are altogether beautiful, my Love; there is no flaw in you – Song of Solomon 4:7


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