Love Comes Unexpectedly


It was a crisp foggy evening, she walked alone wandering the dark streets. Wearing her tan khaki pants and blue converse shoes, she held tight to a long brown sack purse that draped across her chest. The air had a slight chill, and she was ever thankful she remembered to wear her favorite black hoody. The sky turned black as rain drops began to fall. She didn’t have an umbrella, for she had aimlessly wandered far from her home lost in thought. Not one of those thoughts were about the weather. She glanced at her watch and the dials revealed that it was 11:50 pm. The grocery store up ahead was open for another ten minutes. She figured she would run into the store for ten minutes, and hopefully the rain will subside when the store closed. If only you were so lucky, mocked the faint voice in her head.


She entered the supermarket through the big glass doors. The sounds of the outside air had the store employees glaring her way with that last minute shopper hatred stare. Ignoring the ‘if looks could kill you’d be dead by now’ stares, she made her way to the candy aisle. Candy was her comfort. Candy could fix everything. It’s so dark out there, she thought, as she stared out the window, dreading that she would once again be walking in the dark by herself. She chose a few chocolate candy bars to warm her lonely spirit, and a roll of sweettarts just for the fun they bring. The lights began to flicker and that was her cue the store was closing. She made her way to the cash register, and flashed a quick smile to the clerk, to show her apology for crashing the store at the end of the night. Zipping up her hoody, she tucked her candy into the pockets, and thanked the cashier. As she turned to head out the exit door, she heard someone yell to her.
“Hey you,” called out the voice.
She turned around to see who had uttered such a rude calling. Suddenly her heart stopped in place. There he stood, right before her very eyes, and he was calling out to her. Could this really be? Was the one who crushed her spirit so many moons ago the one calling out to her now? Yes, yes he was.
I must be dreaming, she thought to herself. Her memory raced back to the many times she wished to be his. She knew he didn’t feel the same way. So she had left him in her dreams. It’s always been him that held her love, but he was the one who said good-bye to her. That’s how she likes to think of it anyhow. It was more like a– stay the hell out of my life; you are the most selfish person I’ve ever known, and you in no way deserve to even know me, type of good-bye. It helped her to think it was just a simple good-bye.
“What’s up, how are you?” she managed to say, once her heart began to beat again.
“I’ve been okay. What are you doing out so late at night in this rain?” He asked.
Unbeknownst to him, it had been raining her whole life. Still the storms never bothered her much. She loved the rain, she actually preferred it.
“Oh a lil rain isn’t going to make me melt,” she chuckled, trying to keep the mood light and airy. The lights in the grocery store began to dim, and they both knew they had to continue exiting the store. The rain had let up, just like she hoped.
“Which way is your car, I’ll walk you to it?” He asked.
“I’m walking tonight.” She answered. Her response caught him by surprise.
Walking, he thought to himself. How can she be out here this late at night walking in the dark? Is she mad! “Walking huh, so which way are you walking then?” he said. Then he flashed his killer smile that always made her weak in the knees.
“Why do you want to know, are you going to walk me all the way to my destination?” she playfully teased.
“Yes” he replied, matching her teasing nature.
She laughed, as she always did when she was nervous, or scared, or anxious, or any other emotion known to man. Laughter was her shield. Happiness was her foundation.
“You are not going to walk me, quit playing. But thanks for the offer.” God I wish he would, she thought to herself. The rain began to fall, so she flipped the hood of her sweater back over her head to shelter her from the rain drops. Subconsciously, she knew she was sheltering herself from him, from all that he was.
Lost in her thoughts of him, yet again, she startled when he suddenly grabbed her by the hand and began to run. The surprise of his hand in hers left her with no other choice but to follow. Flashing that bright lovely smile that he owned so damn well, he ran down the street not saying a word, just pulling her behind him with his tight grip. She feared if she let go, she would lose him again. This she couldn’t let happen. So she held on tighter.
They turned down a dark alley that led them into an apartment at the end of the way. She began to look around and take note of the surroundings. It was dark, it was muggy, but there was so much character embracing her. She noticed a small bed near the wall, with a curtain around it. There were bookshelves overflowing with books. Some books were on the ground in front of the shelf, some were covering the nearby tables, and others were standing against the shelves. In the center of the room was a big brown leather chair that looked like it been used over and over and over again. There was a lamp in the far corner that looked so beautifully ancient, she wondered if it was a gas lamp
“Is this your place?” She asked.
“Yes. It’s not much, but it’s mine,” he replied.
“I like it”, she said.
Before she could finish her sentence, he pulled her near and wrapped her in his arms. Neither one spoke, for the passion silenced them both. He just held her. Her head fell down towards his chest. She would not allow herself to look into his eyes.  Not this time, she willed to herself.  Then she felt his hands on her face as his fingers began to lift her chin. she kept her eyes lowered, afraid to look up and get lost in the heaven that shined through in his eyes.
“Look at me.” he whispered.
Nervously she looked up as his eyes drew her in. Everything made sense in that moment. Her spirit gave in and her knees grew weak as her head fell upon his chest. She felt relieved, she felt alive. No words were said. They just stood in each others embrace, knowing.
They tired. He lay on his bed and sighed. She lay beside him. She wanted to wrap her arms around him but fear crippled her.
“Go ahead” he said, reading her very thoughts.
Slowly her arms came up around him, with a faint voice she said, “I was afraid.”
“I know you were, I always know, but don’t be afraid anymore.” Kissing her gently he whispered in her ear, ”You’re mine now.”
I guess I’m lucky after all, she thought to herself, as she closed her eyes and lived.

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