You Never Knew…


Daydream of the nights, when my heart beat completely for you
Lost in the stars, my nights were my dreams coming true
People accused me of losing my mind but I knew
I loved you

You made my life worthy and filled me with hope once again
I lived in my daydreams, getting lost in my thoughts on a whim
I’d get blown with the wind, dreaming of nights when I’d see you again

Many years have passed still my love is as real as can be
We both got so lost in this worlds big cruel game of deceit
Well maybe its me and my silliness to be so naïve
Or maybe its you and your weak heart that don’t want to believe
Just look in my eyes and I promise you will understand
I’ll stare back into yours, silently vowing to love you as much as I can

You are the cutest creature my God ever made
Impressing me fully, with that god worthy smile upon your face
Your eyes are like diamonds and your lips are the dew of the rain
You take me completely, and leave me no choice but to shine, once again

My love, our hearts beat so perfect as one
From the time that we met, until this life is done
The girl with the big heart is so madly in love over you
You never knew…


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