Mercy Above


My mind gets stuck on a cycle of confusion. Freezing in time, starving for inspiration. Where is the dream I use to see. Deep in the dark, lost in my sleep. I search and I search for that one drop of something, that will make all the difference so I may cope with anything. Yet no matter my path all I see is them running. Young girls wasting life on the notion of romance. Not realizing their worth sits in the palm of their own hands. Such beauty and love in the cores of their hearts. Let’s give them guidance and direction towards a beautiful start. Lead them forward to a future that can be entirely different from ours. With man killing man and death walking our streets, is there anyone out there who’s really feeling me. Who here gets angry when they read the news. Story after story about child abuse. When will we feel that enough is enough, and humble ourselves to his mercy above. We can all make a difference, it starts in our hearts. Quit sitting silent, quit being afraid to stand apart. Just make sure the ground you stand on is true and its strong, for when the world starts to shake you’ll be the one that others hang on. Do your part when you see others do wrong. Forget the silly notion that their life is their own. For we’re all in it together regardless of each light that we shine. The way you live your life has a major impact on mine. Stop walking in ignorance that you live your life on your own. Guess what, reality check jigga, everything you do shows up in my home. What? You think I didn’t cry when I saw him get hit with a weapon of hate. You think when you raped her in an ally of sin, that my heart didn’t brake when I heard of the crimes you commit. Life is beautiful and it’s meant to be lived. Fill your heart with love and stop being guided by sin. Then maybe we’ll see a change in the world, that can benefit the innocent boy and girl. Let’s leave them a world built on morality and love, and show them the true leader is the one who’s above.



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