Love Yourself


Will she ever see it lord. The light that shows her way. Hungry for such thrill of danger, will only blind her day. Such goodness sprinkled through her dreams with zest for another’s light. Leads her to risks of another kind that calms her spirits fight. But what good will come from doing wrong, when all you do is lose. Cause life goes on regardless of the path that we all choose. So live it right and do your dreams and everything will work. Don’t stress the stuff you can’t control , seriously what’s the worth. You can’t expect such happiness, if all you do is bad. Forget the hurt that grips your fears and live the righteous path. Then embrace the joy that’s pure in heart that only God can give. Lord, you know the kind that fills our veins and gives us strength to live. The kind that has us standing proud with streams of love to give. So give your all, in all you do, be honest and be true. Love yourself for who you are and others will love y


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