Love Blind


What happened to the inspiration, that use to flow so real. Chasing generations, searching for an open soul to fill. What happened to the ambition, of our dear and loving youth; who took into consideration, the importance of their couth. It’s as if today our youth stand tall for nothing, so many on the fast track to overkill. Where is the inspiration that sparks the drive within, that leads us towards our destiny of which our lives begin. It seems to me the children of yesteryear had such stronger skin. Than the kids of today who glorify sin. Sadly they remain ignorant to the foundations that build a real home. Walking around blind to the love all around them, choosing to carry defeat over triumph.

Pick up your head young people, get your minds out the gutter. Set your sights on your future for something much better. Don’t settle for mediocre of a life that is bitter. Your heart is still pure despite its been battered. Brush it aside all the hurt and the pain. When will yall learn, that keeping it inside brings nothing to gain. We know that it hurts to feel used and abused. We know all the pain that leaves you confused. We know life isn’t fair when it lands you in homes with one parent. We know you feel low when adults just don’t get it. Still there’s beauty that surrounds you even if you don’t see it. Open your eyes to the good of this world, embrace your future now it’s yours to take hold. Pain is pain, it’ll always be there. If you let it take over, it will lead you to nowhere.


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