I Got This


I got this! At least that’s what I tell myself every time I look at his darling face. Each morning is the same beautiful picture painted in front of me. Wide open country fields surrounding me, as I watch the sun rising in all God’s glory. I drive with my sun shades on, and I watch my life’s reason for living, in the back seat, sitting contentedly in his booster seat.

“Ma,” he says.

Hmmm,” I ask in a quiet moan.

I glance at him through the rear view mirror, and I see this little person begin to ramble about life’s mysteries.

He begins:

“Why are dinosaurs not alive anymore? If we could just ask God to give us dinosaurs and tell him that we can keep them in the zoo, do you think he’ll do that ma? Huh ma? Do you think he will? Are there going to be dino’s in Heaven? Ma! Did God make the buildings too? I know he made the tree’s and the water, but did he make these big buildings? Ma, do you know my favorite commandment? We had our commandment quiz in school, do you know what I got ma?”

All these questions are asked with no pause in between them. They leave me no time to answer. Instead I’m drawn into his little world, and I just listen silently to the wonders of his mind. When he’s finally quiet and staring out at the world through his little innocent eyes, I give him his answers.

I say:

“Dinosaurs died out from the world millions of years ago. But if you’d like to see their bones, I’ll take you to the museum so you can see how big they were. I don’t think God will bring dinosaurs back to the earth because they are all in heaven now. And even if God did want to send them back, I don’t think the dino’s would want to. Would you want to come back if you were in heaven? (he chuckles) About the buildings, God did not physically make them, but he did give the workers strength and health for them to be able to make such beautiful things. As for your commandments, I’m hoping your favorite is obey your parents. I’m very proud of you that you know all ten of your commandments. Carry them with you always in everything you do and don’t ever forget them.”

Then it’s peaceful again as we both let the music fill our spirits and minds. Several moments later I hear a quiet voice from the back.

Ma, when I get to heaven do you think God will let me ride the Triceratops?”

And it starts all over again….

(rp 2009)


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