Emeterio Jay Oblifias (Emet, Em)

969998_10151928519189027_1303218049_n Emetgrade7

My first-born.
The most awesome son a mother could be blessed with. Obedient, honorable, respectful, intelligent, and above all else LOVING! May God continue his work in my son’s life and lead him to be the powerful individual that he’s called to be. Emet has forever been in God’s favor, and I place his life in God’s hands, that he may do for Emet more than I could ever. Let God’s grace and mercy fall upon my son, that he can live a life full of prosperity and joy. That Emet may be a light to all who meet him, and my son can be an example of the Power that God bestows into his children. Emet is courageous, and every day he’s learning just how truly POWERFUL he is when he lets God be in control of all.

I Got This

First Day On The Block

Big Boy Charm


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