Illuminate My Path



Lord lead me, illuminate Your path before me. That I may walk boldly in Your love, spreading joy to everyone around. Let me be the light in every room I enter, that others may look at me and see You shining brightly through. Your love is more beautiful than I could ever be. Help me to become the person You created within me, not the person that I think I can be, I matter only in Your Kingdom. For You I’ll do the work You called upon me to do, but I must keep my eyes on You and You alone. Let Your grace rain down upon my spirit and fill my bones with Your goodness. Fill me up with Your love until it overfills my soul and spills out every where I go. When people encounter me, let them be reminded of Your amazing sacrifice, and how You saved us all up on that cross of Calvary. You are my Jesus Messiah, and I am so deeply deeply in love with You ❤


Voice of My God


There are days I sleep in.  Other days, my Lord wakes me so we can talk. These are the most precious moments for me. I hear His soft voice like a whisper in my ear, “Arise my child.”
My times with Him usually happen in the early morning hours. My God is with me always, but it’s the early sunrises that we have our most intimate conversations. When all is peaceful and still, He comes.
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Waves Of The Gulf



Early morning the sun rises. Laying in bed with a naked soul, I begin to stir to life. I push the covers down to my ankles, and stare at the heavy white curtains that cover the windows, keeping the world away. Sadly, they are blocking the beautiful sunrise as well. My bare feet touch down onto the worn carpet. Reaching for my pack of smokes, I light up my life. Tired from the night before, but ready for today. It sure has been a long time living life this way. Opening the cupboard, I grab a shot glass and fill it with Jack Daniels whiskey. Only the best for me. Tilting my head back, I sip the strong liquor and let it warm my hollow insides. I make my way to the refrigerator and take inventory for breakfast. Light beer, salsa, chips, and a styrofoam container filled with a mysterious meal. Playing it safe, I reach for the can of beer. Cracking it open and chugging it down like water. There you go buddy, time to come to life now.
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Love Up


I never had a love  so crazy, where I’m posting it all over the internet and showing it off on Facebook. I’ve seen the posts on different sites, always reading them and thinking…awww, to have a love like that. Then I would keep scrolling up until the next post of a couple looking happy in love. It made me stop and think, who has my heart? Who am I so crazy in love with that I want to show it off, and share with the world who my love belongs to. Then I thought of Jesus, and my heart melted, and a warm feeling came over my bones. My heart began to palpitate wildly with fast beats, and excitement was forming like a bubble in my tummy. The more I thought of him, the deeper in love I fell. I started to wonder why I didn’t fall in love with him a long time ago. I’ve always loved him, I’ve always believed in him, but falling in Love was something foreign to me. One thought of Jesus brought it all back. The way his Love flows like a river in my veins, has me feeling like I’m floating. Knowing that he will carry me, and has carried me, my whole life; brings on a feeling of peace that I think most wives feel with their husbands. Jesus is teaching me what falling in Love is all about. But if you really want to know who is King of my heart, just love up to Jesus. He holds my heart so close to him, that you have to truly know him in order to find me.

I Love You That Simple


I’m in love. Complete exasperated love. The kind of Love that takes every breath of my soul away with just a glimpse of your face. It’s you. It’s always been you. I just never knew how to show it. I got caught up in something ugly that I knew nothing about, and I didn’t know how to get out. I fought and fought and fought for my way; but I didn’t know what else existed beyond the bubble of a world I was caught in. Every time you were around, I felt it. It was only you. Even when it wasn’t you, it was. So loud and clear, it was.

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Lonesome Fate

Sitting Woman

Sitting at the table, the french doors opened to the blue skies outside. The breeze blows, flickering the wick of the red candle that sits atop the kitchen island. So much time has passed, when will it all slow down. Am I getting in to deep over my head. Lord says he’ll give me strength. I have all the faith in the world, just sometimes wonder if maybe I’m adding too much. The music is playing in the background. The house has been cleaned and vacuumed. I look around the room and instantly see more things that need to be done. Oh where is my strength. I try to find it in anything I can. I have no friends here. I should open up more and let people in. It’s hard. Again, please God grant me strength. The grass is green, the kids play. I am comforted by the color purple, and by the word Rosa printed under the pink roses on my lighter. I listen as the music sings of innocence. It’s all around me. I’m sorry is all I can think of. So so very sorry. I was never innocent, just blind sighted. It’s 7:50 pm and the sun is still shining. Pure beauty. I sit and stare. I need friends. This lonesome fate is dreadful. I must come alive. I can’t afford to die twice. Death. When I think of death I only see the face of one. I need to put more flowers in my home. Bring some life indoors…..