I remember the night you revealed it to me in a dream. A young girl full of sorrow, there I lay on my bed, crying out to you like I so often did then. As I surrendered myself to you completely that night, a deep sleep came upon me. That’s when you came to me in my dreams, sweet Lord.

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Only In My Dreams


You were in my dreams again last night. I’m not even surprised anymore. It’s become a familiar dream now. Since it happens so often. I sometimes wonder are my dreams just a fiction of my imagination, or does it all mean something deeper. I struggle on the edge of a fine line between wanting to believe all that is meant, yet restraining myself just enough so I don’t fall over the cliff, and go plunging into a darkness unknown to me. But when I close my eyes, and see you as real as love itself, it all feels so right.

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Fighting Demons


Last night I was fighting demons in my dreams. I don’t mean that metaphorically. I’m speaking physical fighting, knife throwing, killing of demons. There was a group of God’s angels guarding a city, and real demons were trying to get in to destroy the people. I can recall the darkness I was in, and the feeling I felt when a demon appeared.  Yet I was not afraid. It was like I had the armour of God’s protection around me, as I battled each one. I had the confidence that I would prevail and they would not.  Still, the fighting was intense. I’d wrestle with them, and I’d kill them just as violently as they wanted to kill me. Continue reading