About Me



~Where Was I Born, Where Do I Live~

I was born Teresa Marie Cantu on July 18, 1977. I came into this world in a city called Chicago Heights, on the outskirts of Chicago’s south suburbs. From there life took me on a journey where I would attend eight different elementary schools before entering ninth grade. Some of the places I lived in ranged from a log cabin in Michigan, where my parents picked apples on an orchard, to the wide open fields of Kankakee, IL where I started my first kindergarten class. I was then shuffled to Gary, IN for a few months, then on to the cold streets of East Chicago, IN. My parents then moved my siblings and myself across the mid-west, south to Austin, TX, where I spent most of my childhood. I picked pecans as a child, spent all my summer days at the swimming pool, and ran around bare foot climbing trees and playing in creeks. Tomboy is what some would have called me. At the age of 13 my family moved back to Chicago Heights, IL where I lived for the next four years.  Life then took me on a journey through Scherrerville, IN, Elmwood Park, IL, Chicago Heights, IL (again), Roselle, IL, Schaumburg, IL, Elgin, IL, and Streamwood, IL. I now reside in the northwest suburbs of Algonquin, IL, and though it’s far from friends and family, the thought of moving yet again is just to much. It makes my head numb just thinking about it.


~Who Am I~

I am a mother, daughter, sister, partner, godmother and friend. I wear many hats in my life. My forever dilemma is that I carry too many darn bags and I confuse myself looking for the right hat!


~What Is My Zodiac Sign~

It’s Cancer, it’s Cancer! I was born in the middle of summer and I love being a summer baby.  I was born under the sign of Cancer. Everything that is said about a Cancer fits me to the T. I’m naturally drawn to water just like the crab. I actually dream of living on the water one day. It’s where I feel most at peace.

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~What Is This Place, Why Am I Here~

I love to write. I feel that the thoughts in my head are constantly floating around and new ones keep popping in and out. If I don’t get them all out on paper, I won’t have room for new thoughts. So I’ve created this blog to record all my quirky ideas. I’m not a professional writer, I’ve never taken any journalism classes, and frankly I’m not even sure people want to read my material. Nevertheless, I write them anyway. My posts are going to be so random that I can’t even title my blog accordingly, if so, my title would have just one word….CRAZY!



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