Voice of My God


There are days I sleep in.  Other days, my Lord wakes me so we can talk. These are the most precious moments for me. I hear His soft voice like a whisper in my ear, “Arise my child.”
My times with Him usually happen in the early morning hours. My God is with me always, but it’s the early sunrises that we have our most intimate conversations. When all is peaceful and still, He comes.
I recognize His voice instantly and excitedly hop out of bed. Humbly I bow to my knees in prayer to thank Him for taking time for me. So almighty and powerful is He, lovingly taking time to talk with me, little Ole me, “Who am I?”
Oh, but to God I’m everything!
After surrendering my spirit to my Lord I fill my home with praise and worship. I light my candles and permeate the room with heavenly music, inviting the Holy Spirit to fill my presence. Then I listen to that soft sweet voice.
My gaze falls upon my boys who are lost in sleep.  I recall what my Tia told me about praying over your children when they are sleeping.  “They can’t fight off your prayers,” she said.
I stretch my arms out over them and pray that God protect them always.  I remind Him that my children belong to Him, “Please care for them as your own sons, Father.”
I promise Him that I’ll do my best with my boys. I pledge to teach them a Godly way of life by showing them the world through the view of a Christian. As their parent I’ll take them to church, I’ll read them the good word, I’ll teach them Jesus stories. It is my responsibility to lead them to Christ and I promise Him to always do my part.
I stare out my window at the majestic sunrise. I am reminded of the time when I sat upon the Teotihuacan Pyramids in Mexico. I close my eyes and feel the sun shine down upon my face. The sun’s rays are a daily reminder of God’s beautiful glory.
I speak to Him again.  I tell Him that I’m forever grateful for where He has brought me in life, and all He has done for me.  When I prayed for happiness, He brought it to me in the form of two little boys  filled with unconditional love. They are God’s gift to me to light up my world and remind me every day that I have a reason to smile.
It took me a while to be able to distinguish the voice of God from my own voice. We are made in God’s image, therefore we are just like him, and our voices are the same. For me to truly distinguish if it’s God’s voice that is speaking, I always ask if it glorifies God. If it glorifies God then it’s from God, and if it’s from God, then it’s for me.


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