Waves Of The Gulf



Early morning the sun rises. Laying in bed with a naked soul, I begin to stir to life. I push the covers down to my ankles, and stare at the heavy white curtains that cover the windows, keeping the world away. Sadly, they are blocking the beautiful sunrise as well. My bare feet touch down onto the worn carpet. Reaching for my pack of smokes, I light up my life. Tired from the night before, but ready for today. It sure has been a long time living life this way. Opening the cupboard, I grab a shot glass and fill it with Jack Daniels whiskey. Only the best for me. Tilting my head back, I sip the strong liquor and let it warm my hollow insides. I make my way to the refrigerator and take inventory for breakfast. Light beer, salsa, chips, and a styrofoam container filled with a mysterious meal. Playing it safe, I reach for the can of beer. Cracking it open and chugging it down like water. There you go buddy, time to come to life now.

The afternoon sun shines down onto the Gulf of Mexico; blinding me with its brilliant reflection upon the spans of ocean laid out before me. I close my eyes and listen to the waves crashing up against the long stone pier. They rock back and forth with such fierceness. I can feel their power as they roll in beneath me. It’s as if they are filled with glimmers of hope for life, and all that life can offer. We just need to step in and take hold of such opportunity.

I hike up my skirt and dip my bare feet into the water. The coldness of the ocean engulfs me, it sends shivers up my spine. Feeling the energy of the water wash over me, I drown in feelings of peace. This feels a bit like heaven, I think to myself. I dip my head back and let the heat of the sun cover my face, breathing in strength that only nature can give. I can’t go any further; this is where the pier ends. Strange, it feels as if my life has just begun.

Sitting under the evening’s blanket of stars, I dream of tranquility. Will it always feel this way, I wonder to myself. Drifting whichever way the wind blows me. I’ve heard all the whispers of bitter tongues. She’s like a gypsy, some have said. She’ll never stay, were the opinions of others. But this is where real truth lies for me. I want to follow the wind. I’m not afraid to ride the fierceness. It’s during these times I find true purity and beauty within myself. It just feels so natural, to be alone, on the waves of the Gulf.



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