I remember the night you revealed it to me in a dream. A young girl full of sorrow, there I lay on my bed, crying out to you like I so often did then. As I surrendered myself to you completely that night, a deep sleep came upon me. That’s when you came to me in my dreams, sweet Lord.

I close my eyes and remember the vision so clearly.  There you stood in all your Glory, beauty just radiating from around you. You stretched your arms out towards me, and I recall your Majestic Power had me falling to my knees in your essence.

I remember Father, I always have.

As I knelt there before you, you wrapped me in your arms embrace. Your love raced through my veins like a river of silk, wrapping my inner spirit with a miraculous love that I can not explain. The feeling was like none other.

I felt my spirit floating in your magnificence. Then you spoke to me.

“Don’t weep my child, you are loved beyond measure.” You said.

Those were the words you spoke to me. You took me in your arms, and let my tears fall upon your chest. That was the moment I experienced true love in all its purity.

I’ve never forgotten it, Father.

The warmth of your spirit filled me. I raised my head and opened my eyes. That’s when you brought him to me, in the form of an angel. He couldn’t see me. He just stood there smiling. I kept staring, Lord, taking in every piece of who he was.

As I gazed upon your most handsome creation, my heart beat back to life. You were showing me what love was, through your eyes. I felt my heartbeat again. It was as if you took the word love, and defined its true meaning, through him. It was magnificent.

I’ve carried that moment with me all my days. God, being in your presence does something to a person. It’s kept me longing to love the way that you do. Surely, you know I’ll love how you want me to. Trust when I say that it is your love I seek to glorify, not my own.


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