Pure Love


I see your face and all the memories come flooding back into my mind. Your beauty is there, I can see it so well.  It takes me back to days when we’d be together laughing and full of joy.  One never knows the true nature of another’s life walk: but the time I was able to share my walks with you, are priceless.  As I age, I realize that such times are to be cherished.  For you never know when they will be gone with the wind. Now my eyes tear when I see you, out of pure love for you. I know you are strong.  I know you are fine.  Maybe your life is better than what it’s ever been.  But you are my friend, and the thought of you paying a toll for what this cruel world has brought upon you, it just breaks my heart; in ways that I never knew existed.  For my hands are tied. I cannot do anything to help you.  All I can do is be here, so far away, and tell you that I’ll always be. Oh how I wish I could do so much more. Times like these really put into perspective that I am just a small spec in this big bad world.  But my prayers for you can work wonders.  I promise, my dear friend, that I will pray for you until my tears run dry.  You are beautiful.  You are loved. You are more than what this world tries to make you out to be. I’ve known your heart. I’ve seen your joy. And I can stand upon my word when I say that good prevails within you. Times change. Seasons change. People change. But my love for you will remain as constant as the wind itself.  Do not forget me. Please. I ask of you. Keep me close no matter what you feel inside.  I’m here. I’m far, but I’m here. I close my eyes and I can see your beautiful smile and the twinkle in your eyes. The way we’d sit on your bed, laughing about the silly things, while life went on outside your bedroom door.  I had my friend beside me, and that’s what mattered most. I’ll wait for you. As long as I have to. My friendship will never cease. My love for you will always be. Years have passed and time goes on, but I see your face and all the memories come back. Your smile stops my heart.  It makes me close my eyes and ask that God bring you back to the ones who love you most. You deserve that and so much more. I see your face and all the memories come flooding back. I love you.


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