Thankful For Another Day


She awoke early in the morning when the sun began to show its first rays. Wrapped in her arms was the one person who touched her very soul. Deep inside she knew there would never be another like him. She squeezed him tighter with the very thought, as if by doing so would somehow keep him close forever.

Slowly she grazed her hands over his head, feeling his fresh new haircut on her skin. His silky black curls were now replaced with a spiky fuzz from his new buzz cut. He actually cut it all off, hard for her to believe. Secretly she wondered if her comment, about wanting to see him with short hair, had any influence on such a drastic decision.  She was surprised when he showed up in the dark with such an intriguing look.

The way his face glowed in the moonlight as he stood across from her in the parking lot, it took serious control to not die in his arms right then and there. Now, as the sun was rising, she was locked in his embrace, her most favorite place in the world. He turned to her and kissed her good morning. How could she ever live without him.

Slowly she rolled out of bed, letting the covers fall over her curves. She stared at herself in the full mirror that stood in the corner. Even when I lose I’m winning, she thought while grinning at her reflection. Shower, I need to shower. Sleepily she made her way over to the shower and set it to the perfect temperature that stirs her body awake each morning. As she steps into the shower all she can think of is coffee, coffee, and more coffee.  She lets the hot beads of water wash over her head as she leans her arm up against the shower wall. With her head bowed, she whispers a prayer to the heavens. Thankful for another day, blessed with the breath of life, saturated with the holy spirit.  She is a woman who knows that it is only by His Grace that she is alive today.

Her body begins to awaken and her senses spring into life. With a refreshed spirit, she gracefully steps out of the shower. Wiping the steam off the mirror she stares at the face that is looking back at her. Happiness is the word that pops into mind.  She continues to stare at herself, looking deep into her own soul through her own eyes.  Yes, this is what happiness looks like. She smiles.


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