Give It To God


It’s all in my head. That’s what I tell myself when things start to take a turn towards disaster. The devil is always trying to come in and rob me of my joy. It must be all the happiness that I like to keep as company. It makes Satan angry. I sometimes wonder what the devil thinks when he looks at me. This person that he’s tried so hard to destroy. He threw everything in his book at me. Heartache, theft, depression, struggle, sin, guilt; you name it, I’ve experienced it. Yet I remain happy as a child each morning that I open my eyes. Blessed with another day God has granted me that I may bring joy to someone. There was a time when the devil had me at my ropes end, ready to just give it all up. Still here I am, standing strong, standing tall, in God’s love!

I hop out of bed anxious to get my praise music going so I have something to dance to as I get dressed. As I make my way to accomplish the task at hand, I am stopped in my tracks. There on the glowing computer screen is the devil’s work. It glares at me like the eyes of Satan himself. I stare back. Anger begins to form deep inside the pit of my stomach. I want to scream. I want to kick something. I want to open my mouth and let all the angry words just pour out. Then I hear that little voice in my head say…give it to God.

Obediently, I chase the image out of my head and turn on my music. I turn it up a little louder. It seems like this day is going to need an extra dose of praise to make it through. With my music playing, I bow my head, and thank the Lord for another day of life. I ask that he not leave me today. That he assign an angel to be by my side today because I know I’ll need it. That he be my voice today, and that he keep the devils work far away from me and my family. Bless me with understanding and empathy for the ones I care about today, and be the conqueror of all evil that tries to permeate my family today. Amen.

As I drive to work I have my favorite song blasting and I sing my praise to my Savior. It’s the only thing that brings me peace during times of trouble. Boy was trouble stirring this morning. Still the devil is a liar! My son stares at me with that look of curiosity, his eyes saying….Mom, what’s the deal today?! Answering his silent question, I tell him:

“Mondays are always rough for me, so I sing a little louder; praise a lil harder, to make sure God hears me, because I really need him on Mondays.”

He just laughs. Then that makes me laugh. Then we’re both laughing. “Want a donut” I ask. “Yeah” he says. Suddenly, I find myself crossing 3 lanes of traffic to make a right into Dunkin Donuts. I miss the entrance, so I’m circling back around, doing a full circle until we somehow end up at our destination. “God is good,” I say, “I need coffee!”


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