Not It


Maybe I’m not it. All along I thought I was, then in an instance of a second, it all became clear to me. I’m not, I’m simply not. Funny that I never saw that before.  Blinded by all that I thought was right, and only seeing things my way. It could seem kinda selfish in a way. Still, it’s hard for me to admit that I am a selfish person. I really don’t think that I am. Maybe that in itself is selfish thinking.  Oh this selfishness crap just kills me. Selfish smellfish, that’s what I think of it all.  For all I care, selfishness can go kick rocks, because I aint the one. I just find it peculiar that when you look for something, you find it. When you find it, it’s never really what you were looking for to begin with. It’s always something else, something different from the picture you painted in your mind. Then truth hits you, and boy does it knock you off your feet. Sometimes it’s the one, two, knock out punch type feeling. This time it was in a way that is okay. I was still standing after coming to such a realization. I’m still smiling knowing that “hey, I’m not the one.” I call that progress.


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