Fighting Demons


Last night I was fighting demons in my dreams. I don’t mean that metaphorically. I’m speaking physical fighting, knife throwing, killing of demons. There was a group of God’s angels guarding a city, and real demons were trying to get in to destroy the people. I can recall the darkness I was in, and the feeling I felt when a demon appeared.  Yet I was not afraid. It was like I had the armour of God’s protection around me, as I battled each one. I had the confidence that I would prevail and they would not.  Still, the fighting was intense. I’d wrestle with them, and I’d kill them just as violently as they wanted to kill me. I could feel their darkness emanating from them, and they would not cease to stop coming at me. I battled them the entire night. With each demon that I defeated I felt victorious.  A feeling of victory that is hard to explain in worldly terms. I don’t know if it was all a matter of my own imagination, or if I actually did battle demons last night.  I want to believe that it was real. However, if I say that out loud, others will think me mad. But there is this gnawing feeling in my spirit that it was real. Many may not believe. But I do. I feel that God is using me in ways I never could have imagined on my own. Throughout the battle I knew I was fighting evil, I also knew just how dark the evil could be. I knew that one wrong move and the evil would consume me if I faltered my belief in any way. So I held strong to God’s word that goodness always prevails, and I battled on with confidence, that I would win in the end. And I did. When the last demon was defeated I felt blessed beyond this world. The feeling of love that washed over me was euphoric. I felt it. I knew it was real. Many may not believe. For me, the scratches on my body and the bruises on my arms, are proof of my battle last night. If another world exists beyond the one we live in today, I’m ready Lord. Take me as I am, and use me for your will. I’ll battle demons all night for you. It’s simply who I am.


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